Boks Bacon

Boks Bacon is dry cured, this is an old Dutch recipe brought to Tasmania in the 1950s by the original Boks family.

Dry curing involves a mix of salt and sugar hand rubbed into prime pork loins, this has no added water, unlike the majority of other bacon on the market.

Boks Ham

Boks Premium ham has an unrivaled reputation for flavour and quality. Made by Master "Hamster" Marcus Boks, you & your family will love this.

Marcus carefully trims the hams then they are cured and smoked in our traditional woodfire smoker with Tasmanian Oak.

The Art of Sausage

Sean Dunn, our resident sausausier, developed this range of sausages that are unique, flavoursome and healthy.

We use only the finest ethical meats that are 85-90% lean, use our own recipes and fresh ingredients with no phosphates and link them by hand.